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jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013


The dentist, also known dentist is the specialist who is professionally dedicated to the care and treatment of diseases of the teeth such as cavities, to name one of the most regular and extended.
Once the graduate and professional dentist completes its relevant practice can perform a private way, ie meet in an office or own a dental clinic setting, or alternatively, in a public institution to which those who generally turn lack the economic means to pay a consultation or private care.
One of the most common conditions treated dentist is tooth decay, which occurs as a result of the action of acids produced by the food we eat, creating space for bacteria. The power of the cavities is such that it can destroy the dentin and outer enamel of the tooth. Excess consumption of sweets and drinks with high doses of sugar affects a huge proportion of caries formation.
 Another very common disease for which people consult a dentist is gingivitis, or inflammation and bleeding of the gums by the action of a bacterial formation.
And another reason for consultation is periodontitis, destruction of tissue that attaches the tooth to the bone.
While graduates who pursue after the race of Dentistry at the University are trained to treat the typical diseases that attack the teeth, the advances in the field has been added to the various pathologies that exist around the teeth and has made the topic is divided into different sub categories is that today we can find general dentists and those who specialize in any particular matter.
Their uniforms are special to operate the mouth and are: white coat, white pants, and white gloves and so on.

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